Does Zelle Show Your Name When You Send Money 2022

Zelle is the perfect digital payment to send and receive money from your friends and other people around the world. All you need to do is select an email or phone number of a Zelle user and transfer the amount. But does Zelle show your name when you send money?

Quick Answer
When you send money to someone with Zelle then a recipient can see your name or associated number or email. You have to add your name to your Zelle account which is later used while receiving or sending money.

But you can change your Zelle bio or profile which is your personal information easily to stay secret. So, today we will talk about everything about the Zelle profile bio and transferring or receiving money via Zelle.

What is Zelle App and How Does It Work?

In simple words, Zelle is a digital payment system that is helpful to transfer and receive money fast and safely.

For example, when you own a small business and there is a need of a transaction every couple of days then you can use Zelle. In this way, you don’t have to use your bank debit card or credit card to send money to someone else.

To set up a Zelle account you will need to register a new account using your email or phone number. After that connect your bank debit card to Zelle so that you can send money through your bank to someone.

When your friends have to send you a payment then they will either use your associated number or email of Zelle. The same thing also goes for you which means you have to use your friend Zelle’s linked to email or phone to pay them an amount.

But one thing you have to remember while using Zelle is to link your bank. If you won’t connect your debit or credit card to Zelle then you can’t use your account. It is just like purchasing a vehicle but without tires.

Why You Should Use Zelle?

Zelle has tons of features and benefits that make you use it for your every payment. But there are some important things that are good for you to use Zelle.

  • You can use the Zelle app for free on Android and iPhone.
  • You don’t someone’s bank information to send them a payment.
  • Zelle has secure and fast transactions.
  • There are no any money-receiving limits on Zelle.
  • Zelle has integrated with tons of bigger banks and credit unions.
  • You don’t have to use your banking data to send money to someone through Zelle.

Does Zelle Show Your Name When You Send Money?

When you send payment to someone with Zelle then your name, email or number,  and payable amount will be attached on the recipient. So, Does Zelle show your name when you send money?

Yes, you can see your name in your Zelle every time you send money to your relatives or friends. This is because your name is attached to your Zelle account in your profile.

So, unless you remove your name from your Zelle, the receiver can see your name in your transfer payment.

How to Change Your Name on Zelle App?

Zelle allows you to change your account name within the Zelle app or from your connected online or mobile banking. If you are using Zelle through your bank then you have to first change your bank display name and then Zelle will automatically update it for you.

But if you are using the Zelle application then here are the steps to change your name or display name.

  1. Open the Zell application on your phone.
  2. Now, log in to your account.
  3. There, tap on the “Profile” icon that is visible on the bottom right display.
  4. Next, select the “Personal Info” option from the settings list.
  5. After that, locate your registered display name and then update it.

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How to Update Your Zelle Account Profile?

If you don’t want anyone to see your Zelle real first or last name then you can change it. Just go to your account settings and then update your Zelle profile information from the “Personal Info” option. In this way, when someone sends you money or you send them a payment then Zelle will display a different name based on your update.

On the other side, if you are using your Zelle account from your online banking then you need to change your whole banking personal information along with your name. But I won’t personally recommend you to change your banking personal data.

You always match your online or mobile banking information with your physical registered bank. If something happens to your bank debit card and you have to verify your account then at that time you might get into trouble for changing your online banking name.

Besides, most banks also won’t let you change your display name that easily from your device. You may need to visit your nearby branch and request them to change it.

How to Send Money on Zelle App?

How Do You Verify Someone's Account on Zelle


Do you have to make a payment to someone from whom you’ve purchased something in person? If so then you can use your Zelle account for sending money with Zelle from your mobile phone.

But before that make sure that the receiver also has a Zelle account. If a recipient doesn’t work with Zelle then it’s not worth it to send them money.

Now, follow the following steps to send and receive money on Zelle on your Android and iPhone.

Note: The following process to send money is on the Zelle app rather than any of the banks that offer Zelle services.

  1. Open your Zelle account on your device.
  2. Now, tap on the “Send Money with Zelle” option from the home screen.
  3. Next, select the “Send Money” option from the list.
  4. After that, enter the recipient’s email address or phone number from your Zelle contacts.
  5. After selecting the receiver ID then you have to enter the amount which you want to send.
  6. Once you add the amount then tap on the “Send” button from the bottom area.

In this way, the receiver will get the notification on their Zelle account or their associated email address that you’ve sent them a payment. Zelle will your money to in under 1 minute to the receiver.

Besides, in some cases, the recipient has to accept your payment by opening their mail.

How Can I Send Money Anonymously with Zelle?

Sending money to someone with Zelle transparent your name, number, or email to the recipient. But you can also keep your personal information secret on Zelle while sending and receiving money by changing your name and using a fake email address.

Simply go to your Zelle account and then you will find the “Personal Info” and “Account & Features Settings” options. There you can edit your Zelle phone number, email as well as first and last name.

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How to Receive Money With Zelle?

Getting payment from someone on Zelle is even simple than sending money. All you have to do is accept the payment that is given to you in your email address. Besides, if you have a Zelle account then you may not have to accept the payment.

But for the receiver, they have to select your Zelle ID (Email or Number) and then transfer the amount to you.

What is the Money Spending Limit on Zelle?

Zelle allows you to send $500 per week if you are not connected with your bank or your bank doesn’t have a Zelle feature. But if you use your Zelle through your bank then you can spend more than $500 per week.


Zelle Daily Spending

Zelle Monthly Spending Limit

Bank of America



Citizens Bank



Wells Fargo



Capital One


U.S Bank



PNC Bank



Chase Personal Checking



Ally Bank



Chase Business Checking or Chase Private Client









Can You Make Zelle Anonymous?

No, you can’t make your Zelle account anonymous. Zelle is the public digital payment app on which all your transactions will be public to the receiver and you. In other words, if you send someone money then a receiver will know your name, email address, or mobile number.

But if you don’t want to let anyone who you are on Zelle then you can use a fake email and name rather than using a number. Don’t use your primary personal information that rather go after the second one that is secret.

Note: We won’t recommend using fake data on Zelle because it can block or suspend your account permanently because of scam behavior.

Similarly, don’t use Zelle through your bank account. If you register your Zelle account with your bank debit card and or send money through your bank then it will display your personal data of Zelle.

How to Contact Zelle Customer Support?

zelle customer support

There is the customer support team of Zelle that will assist you to fix your any type of account-related issues. If the Zelle app not working or you can’t send or receive money or you can’t change Zelle’s email and number then you simply go to their help desk and solve the issue.

After submitting your report then Zelle will give you feedback within 2 working business days.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Can You Make Zelle Not Show Your First Name When You Send and Receive Money?

No, you can’t hide your first or last name on Zelle while sending money.

What Does Zelle Recipient See?

When you send money to someone on Zelle the recipient will see your name email or phone number along with the amount.

Is It Safe to Accept Zelle from Strangers?

You have to be quite careful to receive money from someone on Zelle because of fraud, scams, and hacking.

Can Someone Hack Your Zelle Account with Your Phone Number?

No, someone can’t hack your Zelle account with your number but if you share your Zelle account password, username, or PIN with anyone then they can hack your Zelle account easily.

Wrapping Up

So, now you have found your answer regarding “Does Zelle show your name when you send money”.You don’t have to worry about your personal information on Zelle unless you send and receive money from strangers. If you are sending money to your friends or relatives only then you will be safe on Zelle.

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